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The Virtual College of Texas is a collaboration of many of the community and technical colleges in Texas where online courses are shared in a provider-host model.

Enrolling in VCT courses
In order for you to enroll in a VCT course:

Note: CC charges a non-refundable $50 VCT fee in addition to standard tuition and fees for each seat reserved in a VCT course

VCT Host-Provider Model
Member institutions of the Virtual College of Texas share distance learning courses under the terms of a statewide VCT Memorandum of Understanding, which is based upon an operational model referred to as the Host-Provider Model.

The host (local) college:

  • Enrolls students locally to take courses from remote (provider) colleges
  • Provides VCT-enrolled students with the same slate of student services it provides its other students
  • Administers tests as directed by provider colleges' instructors
  • Awards course credit
  • Includes the courses on its own transcripts

The provider (remote) college:

  • Provides instructors who define course content and instructional methodologies; directs all class activities, including assignments and tests, and awards final grades
  • Establishes the academic calendar for courses it offers through VCT

For the provider's instructional service, the host college pays the provider a per-student instructional fee, which typically does not exceed the contact-hour reimbursement it receives from the state. The instructional fee is paid by the institution, not the student.

The Host-Provider Model, created by CEO's of VCT member colleges, makes it possible for VCT member colleges to leverage their distance learning resources--including faculty, courses, support services, and technology--to benefit students throughout Texas.

Benefits to students:

  • They have access to a statewide online distance learning course schedule created by VCT's member colleges, making it less likely that they will not be able to take a critical course at a critical point.
  • They are supported with quality, locally-delivered student services.
  • They pay in-district tuition if they are in-district students, irrespective of which colleges provide courses taken through VCT.
  • While courses from multiple colleges throughout Texas may be taken through VCT, all courses are maintained on a single transcript at the host college.

The Virtual College of Texas' Host-Provider Model of operations has been approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the accrediting agency for higher education institutions in the southern region of the United States.

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