Foreign Language

Four semesters



The study of language allows for a better understanding of the world, and respect for cultural differences. There are three languages available for study at Cisco College: French, German, and Spanish. Students majoring in a specific language are well-equipped to enter a variety of fields and to continue their education at the university and graduate school level. Typically, foreign language majors complete the designated area of study through Cisco College then transfer to a Bachelor's Degree program at a four-year institution. The skills acquired as a language major are increasingly useful in our global society, and some languages, such as Spanish, are currently in great demand.

Degrees & Certifications Offered

  • Associate of Arts Degree


See the Cisco College Catalog for course listings.


Target Jobs

  • Language Interpreter
  • Military Service
  • Educator
  • First Response Team
  • Government Employee
  • International Student Advisor
  • Lawyer
  • Politician

Gainful Employment

Foreign Language

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Division Chair

There is no special selection criteria for this program


Foreign Language

The Cisco College Foreign Language Department offers students the opportunity to develop communication skills in Spanish, French, and German. Classes incorporate basic understanding of grammar and phonetics while emphasizing conversational skills and multicultural experience.

First year French classes are offered online. Classes include French 1411 and 1412; both courses include language labs which are primarily self-paced and utilize online material and sites. Second year French may be available when there is sufficient demand.

First and second year German classes are offered online.

The Cisco College Spanish Department offers first and second year Spanish classes on the evening schedule at the Cisco and at the Abilene locations.  Courses include Spanish 1411, 1412, 2311 and 2312. First year classes are four credit hour courses which include language labs which are primarily self-paced and utilize online materials and sites. Second year classes are three credit hour classes and do not include language labs.


Students planning to transfer a Cisco College Associates of Arts Degree or Cisco College core curriculum to a four-year institution for a foreign language-related degree are encouraged to consider the following suggested curricula.  However, students should always consult the department, degree, or program information for their intended transfer institution.