Rec Sports Policies and Procedures

General Eligibility
All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in all Recreational Sports' offerings. When a person has participated for a particular team in a particular sport, she/he becomes a permanent member of that team throughout that sport season, including the post-season tournament. She/he cannot change teams once they establish playing eligibility for a team (playing in one game.) This holds true even if the player has been officially deleted after an initial participation.

A person may not participate on more than one team, however, a player may participate in men's division and Co-rec division or in women's division and Co-rec division. In addition, a student club or organization team may only have players that are members of that particular club or organization play on their team. Anyone not directly associate with a club or organization must play as an independent. Also, all student players must be currently enrolled at CJC or the team will be disqualified for any game or event in which this teams breaks these rules.


  1. Men
  2. Women
  3. CoRec

'Rec' League: casual play with abilities of all types

Entry Procedures
General information, rosters, and entry forms are all available at the Student Life building (at the front desk). Team Rosters must be legible and accurate to prevent miscommunication. Please do not list nicknames, shortened names, or unaccounted for initials on any forms. It is best to utilize the name printed on a valid CJC identification card.

Team Sports

Rosters may be obtained at the Student Life building. All rosters are due by the date and time provided on the information sheet. Late rosters will be taken at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

League and Tournament Structure
In major team sports, a single elimination/double elimination or round robin format will be administered for the league season. All teams that do not forfeit during league play will be eligible for the post-season playoffs. Following the regularly scheduled season, Teams will be seated according to their league records. All rosters are frozen after the tournament schedules are posted.

The following information concerning disciplinary action which may be taken by Recreational Sports is intended as a guideline for the Dean of Students. It should be noted that the Dean reserves the right to assess a penalty other than listed if, in his/her opinion, the circumstances warrant such action.

All participants will be required to present their CJC ID card at each contest prior to participation to verify eligibility status. Participants not having their CJC card on location will be asked for a picture ID and verification of their status with CJC. Each participant is responsible for his/her own eligibility status. Team managers confirm the eligibility or suspension of their players on their own roster. The Recreational Sports Department does not assume the responsibility for checking eligibility of the participant unless specifically requested to do so (formal protest, see below) by a team manager.

Recreational Sport Protests

  1. Protest will not be considered unless it is first registered with the responsible official in charge of the contest. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE CONTEST IS COMPLETED TO REGISTER A PROTEST. The responsible official in charge of the contest should notify both parties to let them know an official protest is lodged. Both officials and team captains should ascertain all details required should a protest proceed to completion and be upheld. 
  2. All protest must be written and submitted to the Dean of Students. 
  3. Protests may be made on the playing of an ineligible player or when interpretation of the rules is at fault and actually involves the score. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL AN OFFICIAL'S JUDGEMENT BE GROUNDS FOR A PROTEST.
  4. The Dean of Students shall have the final word concerning conduct of participants, spectators and protests.
  5. All protests on rulings other than eligibility must be made on the field of play and at the time the ruling occurs. A protest involving eligibility need not be made during the game, but it must comply with Rule 2 above.