Arts and Communication

The Arts and Communication Division houses four departments:  English, Foreign Language, Speech, and Art. These departments’ course offerings fulfill three Cisco College core curriculum component areas as defined and required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board    

Communication: developing ideas and expressing them clearly, considering the effect of the message, fostering understanding, and building the skills needed to communicate persuasively.  Courses designated within this core curriculum component area involve the command of oral, aural, written, and visual literacy skills that enable people to exchange messages appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience. 

Language, Philosophy, and Culture: studying how ideas, values, beliefs, and other aspects of culture express and affect humane experience.  Courses designated within this core curriculum component area involve the exploration of ideas that foster aesthetic and intellectual creation in order to understand the human condition across cultures. 

Creative Arts: the appreciation and analysis of creative artifacts and works of the human imagination.  Courses involve the synthesis and interpretation of artistic expression and enable critical, creative, and innovative communication about works of art.

English, Foreign Language, Speech, and Art classes are offered year round, including summer sessions and 12-day mini-mesters in May. Day, evening, online, and, occasionally, hybrid courses are available in order to accommodate a variety of scheduling needs. College level courses are transferable and may be applied towards a four-year bachelor's degree, a two year associate's degree or a technical certificate program.

For additional information about English, Foreign Language, Speech classes, please visit the department pages linked below, consult the Cisco College Catalog or contact the Division Chair: 

Angie Cook
Abilene Educational Center Office:  53A
Office Phone:  325.794.4426


The English Department offers composition/rhetoric, writing, and literature courses focusing on student mastery of the critical thinking, writing, research and analysis skills needed to succeed in business and academic environments. The composition and literature courses satisfy the core curriculum requirement and transfer to most universities. 

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Department offers first and second year courses in German and Spanish. Students learn to read and speak the language and to appreciate the myriad cultures represented. These courses transfer to most universities.


The Speech Department offers two communication courses, Public Speaking and Business and Professional Speaking. These courses transfer to most universities.


‚ÄčThe Art Department offers courses in Art Appreciation as well as Studio Art: Drawing, Painting, Design, and Photography. The Art Appreciation course satisfies the core curriculum requirement and transfers to most universities.