Four semesters (AAS)
Two semesters (Level I)
Three semesters (Level II)



The Management program at Cisco College prepares students for professional careers in management and business through the offering of a range of skills addressing employer needs. A comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum gives students the practical, theoretical and technical knowledge needed to be successful in the management profession. An internship program allows students to receive semester-hour credit for their current work experiences. These work experiences are linked to an internship seminar, which relates course information to job-related problems.

Degrees & Certifications Offered


See the Cisco College Catalog for course listings.


Target Jobs

  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Financial Manger
  • Principal
  • Human Resources
  • Property and Real Estate Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Purchasing Manager

Gainful Employment


Charlotte Speegle
Executive Dean of Workforce & Economic Development

Mindy Ross
Workforce & Economic Development Coordinator

There is no special selection criteria for this program

*Prospective students should remember that acceptance by Cisco College does not guarantee admission into specific occupational programs