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Vocational Nursing Program
Cisco College offers a one-year Vocational Nursing program, leading to a certificate in vocational nursing, which prepares the graduate to take the licensure exam. The program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Licensure must be granted by the Board of Nursing for the State of Texas. 

Vocational Nursing Program Student Handbook
Nursing Program Faculty Handbook

Program leading to a Vocational Nursing Certificate may include the following courses:
Foundations of Nursing
Basic Nursing Skills
Medical Surgical Nursing
Maternal-Neonatal Nursing
Advanced Nursing Skills

After successful completion of the curriculum, the student is eligible to take the National
Council Licensure Examination

Persons interested in seeking a Vocational Nursing Certificate should:

  1. Fulfill the Cisco College requirements for admission; refer to college catalog. 
  2. Submit all transcripts and/or GED scores.
  3. Take the ACCUPLACER or THEA.
  4. Have documentation of current immunizations—Hepatitis B series required or show serologic confirmation of immunity to Hepatitis B virus.

All candidates for admission who meet the minimal criteria for admission will be considered. However, the number of applicants normally exceeds the number of students who can be admitted to each class. Preference for admission is determined by the balance of the following factors:

  • Number of support, technical, academic, and/or pre-requisite courses completed
  • GPA

In addition to the above mentioned factors, additional components may be considered.
Additional components for acceptance to the Vocational Nursing program include: date of completed application, special situations and successful developmental work.

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