Dr. Thad Anglin, President

Welcome to Cisco College! Whether you are just looking for general information or are specifically interested in one of our many outstanding programs, we are happy that you have taken the time to visit our site.

Cisco College has a rich tradition of meeting the educational needs of the communities we serve. Dedicated faculty, outstanding students, supportive communities and responsible leadership have served to make Cisco College the leading two-year institution in West Central Texas. 

Executive Council

  • Joe Carter, BBA Vice President of Research 
  • Jerry DodsonEd.D., Vice President for Student Services
  • Carol Dupree, Ph.D., Provost, Abilene Educational Center 
  • Audra Taylor,

Board of Regents

  • Brad Kimbrough, President
  • Ronnie Ledbetter, Vice-President
  • Ricky Whatley, Secretary 
  • Sarah Adams
  • Jerry Conring
  • Charles Humphries
  • Joe Jarvis
  • Sharon Wilcoxen
  • Staci Wilks