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Forms - Forms (including timesheets, I-9, W-4, etc.) are also available on the Intranet.



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SACS documentation is available on the Intranet. If you have questions, contact Karen Donoho

Campus Connect/FAS - The CampusConnect/FAS module gives faculty and staff the ability to use a web-based program to view all available classes and to manage courses assigned to their responsibility. This includes producing a class roster and entering grades at semester end. From the FAS menu, faculty may also access the CampusConnect/SIS module, which allows viewing a student's transcript and other student information necessary for proper advising.

Faculty must have a FAS username and password to access the system. The username is the same as the user's network username--first initial and last name. To access the SIS module and obtain information about a student, the advisor must know the student's social security number.

*If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact (254) 442-5010.
**If you can log in, but cannot find all your assigned classes listed under the roster option, please contact (254) 442-5134.