Success is a tradition among Wrangler athletes who compete through five varsity teams in the NJCAA in the Region V Athletic Conference; football competes through the Southwest Junior College Football Conference. Opportunities for men include baseball and football. Women can compete in basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. 

Ryan Johnson, Athletic Director

David WhiteHead Baseball Coach

Russell Thompson, Head Football Coach

Leslie Dean, Head Softball Coach

Amber Taylor, Head Basketball Coach

Faith Thurman, Head Soccer Coach

Susan Moore, Head Volleyball Coach

Michael Garcia
, Athletic Trainer, website

All student athletes are required to complete the following student participation forms. Prospective athletes should speak to a coach prior to completing forms.

Athletic Insurance Questionnaire
Pre-participation Physical Examination Form
Medical History Form

Pre-participation and Medical History forms should be mailed to: Cisco College, Athletic Training Department, 101 College Heights, Cisco, Texas 76437.